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AgriPower: The Biomass to Energy SolutionTM
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AgriPower's Modular and Transportable System

All of AgriPower’s Systems are prefabricated, modular, skid mounted and contain quick-connect fittings, making them easy to handle, ship and transport to their sites. They consist of several modules designed to store the waste, transfer it to and insert it into the combustion chamber, combust it to produce a hot flue gas, and then capture the flue gas heat to provide usable heat (hot water, hot air or low-pressure steam) and power. These modules typically arrive by truck (as illustrated above) and are then placed on a slab or gravel foundation within a building. The modules are mechanically and electrically interconnected to the heating, hot water and power systems at the customer’s site and then operate automatically (no dedicated operator is required) using an Automated Control Module provided by AgriPower. Installation and commissioning of the Systems can be completed relatively quickly. If and when necessary, the Systems can also be rapidly dismantled and inexpensively moved to another site. Prefabrication, modularity, ease of transport and rapid set-up, dismantling and re-deployment times are significant benefits of the Systems.

This graphic example shows one of AgriPower’s Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) Systems (the AG-375), mounted on two tractor trailer chassis (that are not included). Depending on its size and configuration, the typical mid-size CHP System will usually be transported on three trailers. The first trailer will usually contain: (1) the Fuel Feed Hopper Module; (2) the Combustion Chamber Module; (3) the Fans and Filters Module; and (4) the Automated Control Module. A second trailer will usually contain: (5) AgriPower’s proprietary T3 Technology Module (it stands for Thermal Treatment and Transfer) and the Auxiliary Equipment Module; (6) Waste Heat Generator Module #1; (7) Waste Heat Generator Module #2; (8) Waste Heat Generator Module #3; and (9) the Utility Interconnection Module (if applicable). The third trailer will typically contain site specific “Balance of Plant” and related equipment. Heat Only Systems utilize a hot water heater instead of the T3 Technical Module.

AgriPower's biomass fueled systems provide a clean and reliable source of electricity and Co-Generation.

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Generate clean, green energy at a significant financial savings using a variety of sizes.

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The System can use a wide variety of fuels in a number of different types of applications. Click below to download a list of fuels and sample applications.

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About AgriPower



AgriPower, Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, maintains and services a unique and proprietary line of modular and transportable Waste-to-Energy, Heat Only, Power Only and Combined Heat and Power “Systems”. The Systems use “Biomass” (described below) and many other waste materials as fuel to produce low-cost, on-site, base load, heat energy, electricity and “Co-Generation” (described below). Each System can produce up to 60 MM BTU/hr of heat energy in an environmentally friendly manner and satisfy numerous high temperature heating needs such as producing hot water and ultra-hot air and low-pressure steam for heating buildings. The Power Only and Combined Heat and Power Systems can also simultaneously produce from 125 kW to 2 MW (gross) of continuous electric power and provide a variety of “Co-Generation” applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, water desalination and purification, and producing ice. The Systems enable commercial, industrial, agricultural, governmental and non-governmental organizations to dispose of the waste they generate by converting it to low-cost heat energy, electricity and/or Co-Generation, thus ensuring their own independent source of heat, hot water and power. The Systems are designed and engineered to be fueled by a wide variety of customer waste materials including wood (pallets, crates, forest residuals, crop waste), cardboard, paper and animal waste including manure (“Biomass”), with up to a 50% moisture content, and many types of plastic. Based on their “clean” technology, size and output, the Systems will frequently be exempt from applicable air permitting requirements and their associated delays.

The Systems provide significant savings from avoided fees for waste disposal, transport and taxes, and from avoided natural gas, propane, diesel fuel oil and public utility purchases to produce heat and power. The Systems’ prefabricated, skid mounted design enables them to be easily transported to the fuel (i.e., waste) source, whether at the customer’s on-grid premises or at remote, off-grid locations. The Systems are designed to be rapidly installed and made operational or dismantled and moved to another site. They are computer controlled and function with minimal operator input. There is no need for expensive on-site technical or safety personnel, as they require only unskilled and inexpensive labor to prepare the fuel. The Systems are affordable to acquire, inexpensive and quiet to operate, reliable, resilient and highly efficient. They come in a wide range of heat and power outputs that can be custom configured for each customer’s specific requirements. They are designed to operate continuously (i.e., 24/7) and safely, to achieve an uptime rate of greater than 95%, to operate for at least 40,000 hours (5 years) between major overhauls, to be remotely monitored and controlled, to require minimal maintenance, and to provide a low total cost of ownership. Their unique extended, dual combustion chamber design, use of over-, under- and mid-fire air distribution systems and proven software ensure an extremely thorough and “clean” combustion process with minimal residual ash, an ability to comply with all US and EU air permit requirements and to use as fuel problematic waste materials such as plywood (with glue) and painted wood. The waste heat electric generation modules are produced for AgriPower by world class manufacturers.

The typical System is expected to have a net payback period for most customers of 3 to 4 years. When operating off-grid, the Power Only and Combined Heat and Power Systems are expected to save approximately $10 to $15 million from avoided diesel fuel oil purchases compared to similarly sized diesel generators over their expected 20+ year useful lives and to provide a net payback period of less than 3 years.

The Systems Can Produce Heat Energy from Many Types of Waste.

While AgriPower’s Systems can utilize a wide variety of waste materials as fuel, including many types of plastic, the majority of installations completed to date are using wood or wood derivatives such as cardboard and paper as their fuel source. The Systems have successfully tested the following waste materials for use as fuel:

  • all forms of man-made and virgin wood products including wood chips and tree trimmings
  • forest residuals
  • “green waste” such as leaves, grass and vines
  • agricultural waste including corn stover
  • animal manure
  • chicken (broiler) litter
  • cocoa and nut shells
  • construction & demolition (“C&D”) debris
  • mill residue including sawdust and sanding dust
  • oat and soy bean hulls
  • pellets consisting of wood, cardboard, municipal solid waste (“MSW”) and plastic
  • rejected (i.e., “out of spec”) diapers
  • switchgrass and other fast growing energy crops

The Systems Have a Wide Variety of Applications.

The Systems can be used at a wide variety of sites and across multiple industries including:

  • “Big Box” stores
  • cold storage facilities
  • correctional facilities
  • data centers
  • disaster sites
  • energy and utility companies
  • farms and ranches
  • food processors
  • furniture manufacturers
  • greenhouses
  • grocery stores and supermarkets
  • hospitals, nursing homes and similar facilities
  • hotels, resorts and casinos
  • industrial parks
  • landfills and recycling and municipal waste facilities
  • lumber mills
  • malls and shopping centers
  • military bases
  • mining, exploration and production sites
  • municipal buildings
  • nut growers
  • paper and pulp companies
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • towns, villages and plantations
  • wineries
  • worker camps

AgriPower can provide a complete turnkey solution and uses several well known, international, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction and management companies to handle air and site permitting, shipping, installation, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and servicing of the Systems on a worldwide basis. Multiple financing options are available. Additional information is available under the Documents tab at our website.

Quick Facts

* Combined Heat and Power
* Environmentally Friendly
* Uses Low Cost Biomass
  and Plastic Waste as Fuel
* Saves Using Diesel Fuel Oil
* Reduces Tipping Fees
* Transportable
* Rapid Set-Up and Tear-Down
* Compact Size and Weight
* Co-Generation
* Remote Monitoring
* Proven Reliability
* Can Generate Carbon Credits
  and Renewable Energy Credits
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